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Home Care with Natural Remedies Course

Next course to be confirmed

Would you like to learn how to deal with accidents in a holistic way using natural remedies?

This is a 3-hour course that outlines what to do for:

  • shock of an accident

  • grazes/wounds

  • bites/stings/puncture wounds

  • sprains/strains

  • burns/sunburn/rope friction, etc.

We will suggest natural and homeopathic remedies, like Arnica, calendula cream, hypercal tincture, etc.

The cost is $72. Morning/afternoon tea and an opportunity to sample and purchase the natural remedies will be provided. You will get to prepare and take home a hypercal spray.

If you are interested, then please email us with your name, phone number and email address and we will be in touch. There may also be an opportunity to hold this course on a Wednesday morning so let us know if you prefer this option.


An excellent first aid workshop for anyone wanting to bring natural health practices into their home. I had a little knowledge of natural remedies and treatments due to personal interest, however this workshop gave me a new confidence, especially in the use of homeopathic. The presenters created a warm and welcoming environment and presented their incredible shared wealth of knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and later implement, especially with the take home reference guide. Their products are wonderful too and the homeopathic first aid kit, first aid spray, calendula cream and hypercal spray have been such a game changer in the way I treat my super active 7 year old son’s complaints. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough!  Mel, Wellington

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