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Planning your sessions

A minimum of five sessions is recommended to experience the benefits of tachyon energy.

Some people like to take several days to a week off in between each session. So you can come twice a week, for example Tuesday and Thursday, or the same day each week (or fortnight), say Wednesdays. This helps the body adjust to the new energy. How sessions are scheduled is dependent on the individual and their circumstances.

Condensed schedule for travellers 

Two sessions per day for three days. Plan for 4-5 hours between sessions. This needs to be specifically booked to ensure the chamber is available. Please get in touch for more information if you are interested in this.

On-going appointments/deep seated issues

If you have on-going or deep seated issues, you may need more than one series of five sessions. 

Coming back for another series of five sessions for general maintenance is also a good idea, say after 2-3 weeks or so. The chamber improves the vibrational frequency of the person and is very relaxing so is a lovely thing to do.

Everyone is different and experiences the tachyon chamber in their own way. You may find emotional issues improve first as this is necessary for other physical symptoms to be dislodged.

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