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Session Information & Cost

A healing session inside the Tachyon Chamber has irreversible, positive effects on all aspects of your being.


A minimum of five sessions is recommended to experience the benefits of tachyon energy.  Multiple sessions may be required for on-going or deep seated issues.


Weekly appointments or appointments two days apart are common, but it is up to you. If you need to condense the sessions into a short space of time, for example, over several days, then it is recommended that you do no more than two sessions in one day with 4-5 hours between the sessions. See Planning your sessions for more information.


You should allow an hour for your appointment. It is a good idea to have a sit down and a glass of water after the session.


Single session - $60 (Current special)

Series of five sessions when paid in advance - $250 (a saving of $10 per session)


Please note EFTPOS is not available and payment is required in cash at the time of the appointment.

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